LANAP® vs. Traditional Gum Surgery in Modesto, CA

LANAP<sup>®</sup> vs. Traditional Gum Surgery in Modesto, CA

LasersOffer a Minimally-Invasive Alternative to Traditional Gum Surgery

The latest advances in dentistry allow us to heal the gums from the damaging effects of periodontal disease with laser protocols. Dr. Roy Morita offers LANAP® laser gum surgery at our practice, an innovative alternative to traditional gum surgery that targets the infection at the source. This minimally-invasive procedure has a long track record of success and has helped many patients restore their smile.


Unlike osseous surgery that involves cutting away the gum tissue and long healing times, LANAP® targets only the infected tissue and does not require any surgical removal of tissue.

Benefits of laser gum surgery:

  • Fast healing time
  • No cutting of the gums
  • No stitches or sutures
  • Gums heal naturally
  • Triggers bone regeneration
  • Suitable for most patients
  • Can treat moderate to severe gum disease


Dr. Morita has more than 10 years of experience treating gum disease with laser technology and has performed over 2,000 procedures with LANAP®. Working with a doctor who has extensive experience working with advanced dental lasers means you can count on achieving lasting results with your treatment.


Dr. Morita also performs gingivectomies, scaling and root planing, and periodontal maintenance treatments for gum disease patients. Osseous surgery may be an option for some patients but is far more invasive than laser surgery. Regardless of the treatment recommended for you, we make sure every patient is comfortable and offer sedation dentistry for those who have dental anxiety or fear.


We can now treat gum disease with a minimally-invasive alternative to osseous surgery so you can get back to your busy life and be free of gum disease.