Laser Periodontics in Modesto, CA

Laser Periodontics in Modesto, CA

Less Pain,More Efficient Treatment

If you have gum disease or are looking to improve the look of your gums and smile with cosmetic treatment, laser periodontics may be a valuable part of your treatment plan. Dr. Roy Morita has been using dental lasers for more 10 years and has extensive experience treating periodontal disease, reshaping the gums, and performing gum grafts with advanced laser systems, to restore the smile. We can help you achieve a healthier, more attractive smile with a simple laser procedure.

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While many dentists still prefer to perform traditional gum surgery for gum disease and use protocols that involve cutting and stitching the gums, experienced periodontists like Dr. Morita turn to innovative lasers for a more precise and controlled procedure.

Some of the leading dental lasers have reduced treatment times and can eliminate the need for anesthesia. Key benefit of lasers include:

  • Used to perform minimally-invasive procedures
  • Fast healing and recovery times
  • Minimal trauma to surrounding tissues
  • Highly-targeted treatment
  • Predictable results
  • May not require patient to take pain medication
  • Minimal bleeding and inflammation
  • No anesthesia or sedation needed in most cases


Dr. Morita offers several laser treatment options for patients with moderate to severe gum disease, gum recession, and damaged gums. Our goal is to improve the appearance of your smile and restore your oral health as quickly as possible. Gum grafting and crown lengthening procedures are especially effective for rebuilding and redesigning the contours of your gums to improve your smile.

We offer:

If you are looking for some of the fastest and most effective ways to treat the gums and restore your smile, consider the benefits of laser periodontics. We can put together a comprehensive treatment plan using state-of-the-art laser dental technologies. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Morita today.

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