Sedation Dentistry in Modesto, CA

Sedation Dentistry in Modesto, CA

Sedation Dentistry Helps EraseDental Fear and Anxiety

If you have been putting off dental visits or neglecting treatment because of fear or anxiety, you may be setting yourself up for costly and painful procedures later in life. Dr. Roy Morita offers several sedation dentistry options at our practice to relieve some of the anxiety and fear you may be experiencing. We understand that some patients are more sensitive than others and simply do not like coming in for treatment. We work hard to minimize pain and discomfort by using special techniques and performing many procedures under sedation.


For many patients, sedation dentistry has helped change their lives because they are finally able to work past their fears and come in for treatment. If you are guilty of skipping dental visits or neglecting treatment because you are afraid, come in and see Dr. Morita to learn more about your options.

Whether we are working on a big case such as a full arch of dental implants or something as simple as scaling and root planing, dental anxiety is a cause for concern for many patients.

We understand how dental anxiety can affect a patient and have several options available to help you relax. We also offer minimally-invasive laser treatments [link to laser page] that produce results with less pain and trauma than conventional surgery or treatment.


Dr. Morita has been administering intravenous conscious sedation (IV sedation) himself since 1982 and understands how to manage patients with different dosing needs.

Dr. Morita offers the following types of sedation at his practice:

  • Oral sedation
  • IV sedation
  • Nitrous oxide


  • Relief from anxiety
  • Relaxing and calm dental visits
  • Minimizes or eliminates pain sensations
  • Makes treatment and recovery tolerable
  • Easy to administer
  • Can induce amnesia
  • Little to no side effects

We are here to make your periodontal visits as comfortable and manageable as possible. Don’t delay treatment because of dental fear or anxiety — we have several solutions available that have transformed our patient’s lives.